January – Jared Aubel

The artist of the Month for January is ……

jaared aubel

Artist Bio:

Jared Aubel was born in Illinois in 1980, and at the age of eight he moved to Arizona. His artistic abilities were evident early as he won pumpkin carving contests and many awards for his drawings. This recognition along with his love of art encouraged him to pursue an education in art.  He attended Arizona State University where He graduated with a bachelor degree in fine arts, specializing in sculpture.  ASU’s diversified course study stimulated His interest in various art mediums with each introducing new skills and techniques. Incorporating these new skills has helped him to develop his unique style.  He enjoys using life stories and “night life” experiences which add a clever wittiness to each piece.  Even though art is about interpretation He loves when the reader “gets it”.  His work has been accepted into a number of shows, and through print sales his popularity has grown internationally.  His artistic interests and abilities continue to evolve and He enjoys finding new avenues to experiment in and to pour his energy into.  


Email | JaredsArt@aol.com

Phone | 480.326.7838



You can find Jared’s art hanging inside of orange table right now.  It is very unique, fun, and everything is available for sale.

Below are some of the paintings you will see hanging on the walls in orange table: