Local Artist – Winners (2013)

Every  Month, orange table features the art of a different local artist.  

This year we have decided to take things one step further, by having a NEW ARTIST RECEPTION to introduce our new artist.  

Local Artist Winners And Profiles Can Be Seen By The Following Links:

January – Jared Aubel

February – Michael Willis

March / April – Kristin Fagan

May – Kathy Welsh

June – Brienna Browning

July – Scott Turner

August – Jamie Pogue

September- Karen Carnow

October- Charles Love Sanders

November – Kristen Fagan

Please submit your work if you are interested in being our Next Winner.

If you are a local artist and would like to submit your work to be hung up and displayed for our customers, please

email Craig Pierson at chef@orangetable.net


call orange table directly at 480.424.6819

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